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School Facilities Usage

Important Guidelines for Coaches and Players

Coaches, remember you are responsible for your player’s behavior and actions when they are in the schools for practices and games.

  1. Coaches, be at the gym early enough to monitor your players before practices and games.
  2. NO bouncing basketballs in the hallway or any other place besides the gym.
  3. The players are to be quiet when they are waiting for their games and practices to start.
  4. They are to stay out of any other rooms before or after practice.
  5. No running or yelling in the halls.
  6. If they leave the gym to use the restrooms or get a drink they should be quiet. If possible have a coach or parent watch them in the halls.
  7. Teams need to leave the building promptly after their practices, and if you are the last team to practice, please leave on time. Remind parents to arrive a few minutes prior to the end of practice to pick up their players as soon as practice is over.
  8. Please keep the gyms and hallways clean.
  9. Please be respectful of practice times for other teams and be out of the gyms on time so the next team can begin their practice.