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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to play?

The Little Knights program is designed for 1st and 2nd graders.
The In-House program begins in 3rd grade.
The Competitive program starts in 4th grade.

What if my child is home-schooled and is academically ahead of child's age in public school?

This would be handled on a case by case basis.  We would recommend that the child be placed in the grade group according to his age.

If my child would like to be challenged more, can my child play up a grade?

No, your child must remain with his age group.

How many games do the In-House teams play in a season?

We usually play approximately ten games starting in November and finishing in February. Games are on Saturdays. There is an In-House Tournament for grades 5th-8th.

What is the minimum playing time for players on in-house teams?

Each player will play an equal amount in each game. Adjustments can be made for disciplinary reasons at the discretion of the head coach.

Do you have to tryout for In-House teams?

No. Teams are assembled based on school and information on registration forms.

Is there any opportunity to have my child play in a more competitive situation?

YES, we do offer competitive teams for boys and girls from 4th-8th grade. These teams require tryouts and play anywhere from 30 to 50 games a year including league games and tournaments. There are additional costs when playing traveling basketball.

Can parents or spectators watch the competitive tryouts?

Unfortunately, we do not allow spectators to the tryouts. Our goal in this situation is not to be secretive, but to lessen the pressure that the student players feel when trying out for a select team. The more spectators, the more difficult it is for players to relax and play to the best of their ability. The only people allowed at the classic tryouts are the players, the team coaches, IBA board members, and the designated player evaluators.

Is it permissible to form our own "renegade" competitive team and bypass the IBA?

The MYAS defines "Renegade" or "Independent"  as any team that is comprised of players who all reside in the same community or attend the same school, but who have chosen to bypass the local traveling association.  The MYAS rules state that players must compete with the travel association within the community where they reside or attend school. There are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. In situations involving "split families," the athlete may participate with the association closest to the mother's or father's residence.
  2. If the player has tried out and did not make the traveling team or has been cut or restricted from the association, the player may participate with a bordering association.

Any exceptions to the above guidelines require the approval of the MYAS Advisory Committee.

Can a competitive team have more than 10 players?

According to our organizational bylaws the recommended maximum number of players allowed on a traveling team is ten. However, an eleventh player may be added to the roster at the discretion of the coach or selection committee.

 How can I get involved with IBA?

There are many ways a person can get involved and help out. We are always looking for men and women who want to coach and work with the kids directly. Another way is by being a team parent and helping disperse information and plan end of the year parties. Serving on the IBA board is another way to get involved. From scheduling practices to keeping track of the finances, ordering uniforms, etc. IBA board positions are ultimately a group of parents who care about kids and put their care into action by helping out.

What if I have a concern about something that happened in a game?

If possible, first try and discuss any issue's with the Head Coach. If further discussion is needed you should contact the applicable Instructional or Traveling Director.

Are the rules of play made available?

Yes, the rules can be downloaded and printed directly from our website.

How do I find the locations for the different gyms?

On our website you will find addresses and map links to our local school sites.

Can my child register after the deadline?

For Instructional, yes, however your child will be put on a waiting list and cannot be assured of a spot on a team. If your child does not get on a team, you will be entitled to a full refund. 

Will my child get a chance to play, even if they have never played basketball before? 

Yes. Many kids who play in the IBA Instructional League have never played organized basketball. Because we are helping youth learn and play the game of basketball, we invite kids to play no matter what their ability level.

Say my child trys out for a competitive team and decides not to play after making the team and starting practice. Can I get my money back?

Unfortunately you cannot. Once tryouts take place, there are no refunds. The traveling teams depend on each and every player in order to keep up the intense schedule and weekend tournaments. When players leave during the season, expenses have already been incurred.  This requires us to keep the initial registration fee.

How do I contact a board member?

Just click the link on our website to IBA Board and email us. We would be glad to get back to you.

My child would like to play with a certain person or coach, is that possible?

There are no pairings to accommodate such requests.